Lilja In Indiana


Lilja has been now going to school for more than two months. She understands English a lot, does not speak so much, but life is getting easier out there, for sure. Everyday life is so different here for a child of her age: you can´t go out alone, you need to be together with your guardians all the time. Lilja has been saying for many times, how she really appreciates now those short schooldays and freedom back home. And also the healthy Finnish school lunch gets her appreciation!

She has made friends at school and one of the families; Jill and her daughter Elionor have been really amazing: they have taken us to roller-skating and groceries ( by their car..) and been in many ways a very nice touch of local way of life. Of course she misses her brother Mitja and sister Juuli and all her friends a lot, but she has been very brave! She has been recalling those first days at school in here that the ones were the most challenging days of her life. She did not understand the language at all and everything was new. And still there is a lot of excitement around, but she likes to go to school and that is really awesome.


After two months of her dad taking her to school every morning by public transportation, she started to take the school bus. And now she is also having lunch with her schoolmates, Heikki is not any more joining her during the lunch break. So she has been adjusting well, in many ways. Even so we all have been experiencing a culture shock in some ways, we have managed.

Lower Cascade Park, Blooomington

The biggest disappointment has been the fact that Heikki has not been allowed to join any of the lessons at Lilja´s school. In beforehand we really though that in the US parents are welcomed to participate in many ways, but at this school that has not been the issue.  Especially in the beginning it would have been a relief for Lilja to have him around, but it never happened. Finnish education is appreciated in many occasions here, but a Finnish Elementary teacher is for no use, that is weird. But when in Rome do as the Romas do and you will survive!

Chicago                                                                 Dinner party at the University

Bye, Have a good one!


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