Thoughts of November

Time passes quickly, it is already November. Seven school visits completed, one to come in California. How to reflect what I have seen and experienced? The most striking issue comes to my mind: this positive approach is something I would like to take with me back to Finland. It is  so true: people are friendly and you get the feeling that they are interested in you and your country. Of course when someone asks you ” how are you”, you are supposed to say “good” instead of telling your whole life story or going through in every detail what you have experienced for the last few days. But there is something good in that positive approach: maybe you become more creative when you are not wining all time and pointing out all that ” what is so wrong”.

Finnish education system in appreciated everywhere you go and you start to wonder; yes it really is something very unique. Why don´t we take the best out of that? We Finns should be arranging more visits into our schools and make it our best selling product, so much interest is there out in the field. For that we would need  more creative thinkers, reflectors, inquirers : those words from the IB learner profile would fit quite nicely in that!


From the Bloomington early voting place


Project-Based Learning School in Columbus, Indiana


Two weeks ago I visited an IB school in Indianapolis. The School had almost 4000 students as a whole, but the IB section was a small nice department inside that huge building. My observations and interviews on historical thinking were a success; I managed to get useful material for my project, which is now really in my mind almost all the time. The data has almost been collected and after the last school visit to California I´ll focus my whole energy on that. The submission date for all the works is December 9th, so I’ll know what do during the Thanksgiving break.


North Central High School, Indianapolis

Elections coming up next week. You can feel the tension and excitement throughout the town. People won´t be voting only on the president, there are 20 other issues to be dealt with. One of the most important ones is the referendum concerning the school district funding. The Monroe County voters will be asked for more tax payer´s money to  the schools: otherwise  supplies for the school will be reduced decisively and almost one hundred teachers will be kicked off.

The upcoming week will be full of excitement all over this country. Let´s hope that the common sense will prevail.

Have a good one!



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