Graduation, Final Thoughts and Goodbyes!

Yes, here were are, at the end of the FDAT- Fall. I had been working so hard with my study on ” Historical Thinking and Understanding, the Use of Primary Sources in History Teaching and Learning”, so it was a privilege to present my work for the audience at the University of Indiana, Bloomington on the 6th December 2016.

My Prezi-presentation pointed out that teachers value the use of primary sources, but unfortunately they don´t always have the time to analyze and evaluate the sources together with the students.  There was a significant difference between the IB teachers and AP / regular history teachers´ use of primary sources: IB teachers used the IB format, which made them to go deeper into the analysis process.


As I brought up after my presentation: this research and the encouraging atmosphere at the Indiana University has been the best part of my whole Fall. I had the time to reflect my own work and to concentrate on something I have been interested in for years, however never had the suitable moment for that. I really enjoyed conducting my research and would definitely like to continue my work in Finland. My topic is valuable for IB teaching, furthermore it will be highlighting some aspects concerning the Finnish New History Curriculum for National Section as well.

All the FDAT teachers presented their own works; lessons plans, teachers´materials, research papers like mine. It was again an honor, just like in the beginning of the program to be one of these amazing teachers from all over the world.

Oh, I will miss them! But now I can also say; I have friends in so many different countries and could visit them whenever.


Nazir-Singapore, me, Back: Maija, Weifeng-Taiwan, Marina-India, Lay Kheng-Singapore, Sam-Mexico, Keitsumetse-Botswana, Jhennyi-Taiwan, Hanan-Morocco, Gaone- Botswana. Front from the right: Simon-New Zealand, Karina-Mexico, Khalid-Morocco, Pratz-India, Diana-Mexico, Nourit-Israel, Hasnan-Palestine, Sarah-New Zealand, Haya- Palestine, Peiwen-Singapore.

And The certificate by United States Department of State, wau. Once a Fulbrighter, always a Fulbrighter. That is what they told us. So I already have some plans in my mind, let´s see what the future brings along.


Christmas is coming to Bloomington, Indiana!

It was also the time to say goodbyes. Jill Turner and her daughter Eleanor have become so good friends with us. It is just amazing that during one semester, it is possible to meet such nice people. All the Fulbrighters, Jill, Eleanore, our Swedish friends Lena, Stefan, Ida and Elsa and so many more. I am grateful  for this opportunity.



Jill and Eleanor with us in their Christmas wonderland


Our elder children: Juuli and Mitja, thank you for all your efforts, so that mom could make her dream come true. Soon we´ll be all together again..

A great thanks for all our relatives and friends back home! Thank you all.Especially those dear ladies, the “Markku”-group: Mari, Arja, Riikka, Kaarina, Kaisu and Ulla and Dear Anna, Arja& Jarmo, Juha & Anne, Paula, Riitta, Anu & Ari, Sanni, Emmi and many others. Without you this could not have been possible.We as a whole family have faced some difficult issues back home, but you were always there to help and to encourage me during this Fall. Life isn´t always just sunshine, however with your help I was able to find the sunshine also in bad moments.




Leaving Bloomington, Campus View Apartments, Bye-Bye!

And the  last, but not the least: Thank you dear Heikki and Lilja!


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